As part of the Vision 2020 Master Ministry Plan,

BRKC churches and ministries are able to apply for grants to aid in Kingdom work.


*Please note: Our grant process has changed. We now have 2, instead of 4, grant request periods. A maximum of 2, instead of 3, requests can be submitted semi-annually by any one congregation.”

Winter Semi-Annual Period:
Deadline for Submission – February 7
Review Process Completed – February 19
Grant Checks Written – February 26

Summer Semi-Annual Period:
Deadline for Submission – August 7
Review Process Completed – August 19
Grant Checks Written – August 26

Guidelines for VISION 2020 Grants
Grant Application (Hard Copy)


Please complete one application for each request. A maximum of 2 requests can be submitted each grant period by any one church or ministry.

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