Accelerating Hope Together

We are Blue River – Kansas City Baptist Association, a network of over 130 churches in the Greater Kansas City area who are partnering together for the advancement and flourishing of the Kingdom of God.

Our churches are vastly different from one another: they are urban, rural, and suburban. They range from small to mega-size. They’re blue collar to white collar. Some are contemporary, some are traditional, others are blended. We have African American churches, Hispanic congregations, language missions, and churches that worship in Cambodian, Swahili, Tagalog, Russian, Vietnamese, Cambodian, and French Creole. We have churches that target specific segments of the population, from rockers to outdoorsmen to college students.

What do these diverse churches have in common? Well, aside from being Baptist, they are all committed to banding together to accomplish gospel outreach, church resourcing, community transformation, church planting, and equipping of leaders.

Our vision is:

to be a network of healthy Baptist churches partnering together to transform lives and communities through the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ at home, in North America and around the world.

Who We Are

The BRKC Association was started in 1981 as a merger of the Blue River Baptist Association and the Kansas City Baptist Association. Both had long histories in this region of Missouri, hence the blending of the two names.
BRKC is made up of over 130 churches, primarily in Jackson and Cass Counties of Missouri. We have three partner congregations that gather north of the Missouri River, Kansas City Korean Baptist Church, Crossroads Bible, and Fleming Baptist Church.
Yes, we have offices at 806 W. Main Street, Greenwood, MO 64034. This building houses our staff, an Executive Director, Associate Director of Missions and their Administrative Assistant. This office also houses materials available for rent.
Baptists in America have been forming associations for over 300 years as a way of partnering together to further advance the Kingdom of God. They are a local expression of a fellowship of churches. Church partnerships are an admission that ministry is about building God’s Kingdom, not our own, and that we are a stronger force for His glory together than apart. We believe that voluntary associations are scriptural, given the references in the book of Acts and in Paul’s letters regarding churches helping one another and praying for one another. Being part of an Association reminds us that we are all part of the universal Body of Christ, and we need one another.
We’re glad you asked! There are many ways you can be a part of what we’re doing. Here are a few:

  • Give to the work of BRKC.
  • Join our network of partner churches
  • Join a BRKC Ministry Team
  • Offer your skill or expertise as a resource for other churches and ministries in the area
  • Volunteer with one of our partnership ministries.
  • Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and help us spread the word about what God is doing through us!

You can visit our Get Involved page for more on these opportunities to partner with us.

In short, we support and enhance the ministries of the churches and to expand outward in new areas of ministry for greater gospel impact here and around the world. All of our ministry work is guided by Vision 2020 and our Master Ministry Plan and is carried out through the help of five Ministry Teams that correlate with the five Vision 2020 objectives. In addition to those specific goals, we are on-call to our churches to train leaders in various aspects of church life.

Vision 2020

BRKC Vision 20/20

In 2008, we went through a visioning process that resulted in the identification of five ministry objectives we call “Vision 2020”. The five areas form the acrostic G.R.A.C.E., which reminds us that all we do is through the mercy and grace of Jesus; apart from His blessing, our work is in vain. Those 5 areas are:

Gospel Outreach 100
Resourcing Churches 100
Assisting Community Transformation 100
Church Planting 100
Equipping Leaders 100

The Vision 2020 objectives serve as guideposts for BRKC’s ministry efforts. Everything we do is guided by the objectives, goals, and actions plans outlined in our Vision 2020 Master Ministry Plan.