That’s why over 130 churches in the Kansas City area have joined together to form an association of Baptist churches.

130+ Baptist churches.
1 church network.
1 shared mission.


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Our Covenant

We, as member churches forming the Blue River-Kansas City Baptist Association, covenant with each other to advance the gospel of Jesus Christ in the best traditions of churches which have affiliated with each other in the Baptist bodies known as associations, state conventions and the Southern Baptist Convention during the period beginning with the formation of the Southern Baptist Convention in 1845.

We, as member churches of the Association, covenant to support missions through contributions to BRKC, develop and exercise our own programs of ministries under the leadership of Christ, and to do so with a spirit of Christian love and respect for the other churches in the Association. In this endeavor, each church covenants to be mindful of the corporate Baptist witness in the area and to uphold the good name of Baptists as a people who profess a living faith which is rooted and grounded in Jesus Christ as revealed in the Holy Scriptures.

We, as member churches of the Association, covenant to uphold this living faith as expressed in a confession of faith which is to guide the Association in establishing and maintaining a doctrinal relationship among the member churches. This covenant includes the agreement that there are certain definite doctrines that Baptists believe and cherish, and with which we have been, and do now closely identify. This covenant, therefore, includes the agreement of the churches that these doctrines are expressed in The Baptist Faith and Message, to which the Association will reference in dealing with any church on doctrinal issues.

We, as member churches of the Association, covenant to take a Biblical stand on contemporary moral and spiritual issues concerning deviate and sinful behavior, such as, but not limited to, crime, pornography, gambling, alcohol and drug abuse, sexual sins (including adultery, fornication and homosexuality), racial prejudice, abortion, corruption in government, and family related

We, as member churches of the Association, covenant to work with each other within the framework of the Association’s Bylaws and to keep the commitments made in this covenant. Each church agrees that if for any reason it cannot work in keeping this covenant, or function within the Bylaws of the Association, it shall withdraw from membership in the Association. If such a church does not do this, then the member churches acknowledge that the Association will take actions to dismiss that church from the Association.

Membership FAQ

It costs time, effort and resources.

TIME: Our hope is that you will attend the Executive Board Meetings held quarterly and the Annual Meeting held each October.

EFFORT: We hope that you, or some of your leaders, will participate in our volunteer Ministry Teams.These teams oversee the planning and execution of our ministries and are open-membership, meaning that you can participate as your schedule allows. We also hope that you and some of your church members will give of your energy and gifts to participate in our partner ministry activities.

RESOURCES in that all of our churches are required to contribute to the work of the Association a portion of their undesignated offerings each month. The amount your church will contribute is determined by a vote of your church members. The Association does not have dues or fees. You give as God has blessed you so that you can be a blessing to others.

None! Each of our churches are individual autonomous Baptist churches. Joining BRKC doesn’t change that fact.
When you join our network…

  • You become a part of Vision 2020 and our Master Ministry Plan for the coming decade (see #6 below). You join with others to extend the Kingdom, partake of opportunities and resources for growth, and make your unique contribution to our shared Kingdom work.
  • You gain the fellowship of a network of like-minded churches.You will be connected to thousands of Baptists across the areas where our churches are located. You gain the opportunity to be a blessing to sister churches, and to be blessed by other churches.
  • You will see the ministry impact of your church multiplied as the dollars and manpower you provide are channeled to address the needs of our area and abroad. You are instantly part of Kingdom work that goes far beyond yourself and your church.