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Horn of Africa Ministry Expands with New Ministries

Two trips were made to the Horn of Africa in 2019. Unfortunately, a third trip was cancelled due to heavy spiritual warfare and everyone agreed the team should stay put until the Lor d made it clear when we should return to the Tigray region. As you read this article, a team of 5 are [...]

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Introducing Grace Fellowship of Blue Springs

Grace Fellowship started in the home of Roger and Mary Jo Freeman in December, 2007 with a handful of people. Our mission statement comes from Matthew 28:18-20, to reach people with the Gospel and grow them into faithful followers of Jesus. Grace spent four years meeting at the YMCA in Independence; then the next five [...]

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Fellowship Church Experiences What Can Be Done Together

It was June of 2014, Fellowship Church in Greenwood had been in existence barely 2 years. There was a dream of something more emerging from this church replant. Together we were ready to move beyond what we could see, and believe God in order to experience what could not yet be seen. We began to [...]

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Meet One of our Newest Churches

Get to know Faith Baptist of Lee's Summit - one of our newest member churches! Faith Baptist Church was started in 1955 as Ridgewood Baptist Church and later was changed to Faith Baptist Church in 1967. It was founded by Pastor Robert Glover who started the church and was the pastor for over 40 years. [...]

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The Treasure of the Gospel is Passed On

“We have this treasure in jars of clay to show that surpassing power belongs to God and not to us” (2 Corinthians 4:7). The treasure of the Gospel and all the effort of the People Teams ministry is contained in and passed on by weak and fragile people (myself included). At the end of the [...]

MultiEthnic CPC Still Going Strong

During one of the eyeglass clinics held this year at the International Welcome Center, a lady who seemed very excited, approached me and asked me two questions: “Where did all these people who are doing the clinic come from and what encourages them to do this?” I responded, “These people come from different Baptist Churches [...]

RH Home For Minors Dedicates Education Space

Our pastor often says, “You were created on purpose and for a great purpose”. We know this is true of every girl who enters the doors of the R|H Minors. Having a place they feel safe and loved as they study and live together will make a significant difference in them gaining the confidence and [...]

November Celebrated Two R|H Grand Openings

Years in the making, November saw the Grand Opening of two Restoration House (R|H) dreams. The much-anticipated Home for Minor Victims of human trafficking, now called the Mabee House, had its grand opening on November 6th. The home, operated in partnership with the Missouri Baptist Children’s Home, will house up to seven girls, usually between [...]

Restoration House President Shares Update

First, greetings to all of you, my brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus. It is a privilege to be able to write this note of thanks and gratitude for all that you have done, continue to do, and will do moving forward, in support of our faith-based mission to heal and restore women and girl [...]

College Ministry in Full Swing

Travis Hamm, UMKC and Rockhurst The school year has begun on colleges in Kansas City, and that means we are busy connecting with new students. I often share with others that there is a real need for ministries to college students on college campuses. My interactions with three students this past week only reinforced this [...]

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