Go Deep Partnerships

Vision 2020 Goal

To see 80% of our churches engaged in Go Deep Partnerships with other BRKC churches by 2020.

We may be individual churches, but we are One Body.

We believe that God would have every BRKC church involved in a Go Deep Partnership with one or more sister churches in the Association. These partnerships would be for mutual blessing, the building up of the Body of Christ and the good of their communities.

Go Deep Partnership (n.)

 A established relationship between two or more churches lasting until at least 2020 for the purpose of achieving shared goals in areas such as evangelism, discipleship, community involvement and worship in order to make a deep and lasting impact on the churches and the surrounding community.


Can you envision our Association in the year 2020 if this happened? Can you see every neighborhood in Jackson and Cass counties having multiple churches working together to reach every people group and making a positive impact on the community? Can you envision an Association where every church has been spiritually revived and every church building renovated to excellence to the glory of God and for his use? Can you imagine an Association where no church or church member has any need because partner churches are caring for one another? Can you imagine the testimony this would be to the world to see churches working together instead of fighting over territory?
Jesus said “by this all people will know that you are my disciples: that you love one another.”

How It Works

You can help us form Go Deep Partnerships by filling out the form. We’ll want to know if you’re currently in any formal partnerships with other churches, what needs your church has that could benefit from a partnership, and what your church could bring to strengthen and help a sister church.
We’ll help connect you to another church to partner with. We’ll try to match you based on factors such as geography or shared mission and what strengths and weaknesses you can complement one another in.
Once partnered, you’ll meet with leaders from the partnering church(es) to map out what a mutually beneficial partnership would look like. This would include discussing things like needs, opportunities, strengths, weaknesses, and community involvement.

Together, you’ll make a long-term covenant with agreed upon goals and interactions.

Once your Go Deep Partnership is established, you’ll need to get together with your partner church’s leaders at least once a year to review and evaluate the partnership. We’d also love for you to send us stories to share and yearly updates on how God is using your partnership to advance His Kingdom.
Example 1: Church A gives money and workers to help Church B renovate their facilities. Church B brings people to help Church A do a survey of their neighborhood or conduct a Block Party. As they lift one another up in prayer and support, they learn to “think outside themselves” and expand their vision of the Kingdom. They also discover some wonderful new friends; brothers and sisters in Christ. Joint worship services, pulpit exchanges, and prayer meetings could greatly enhance the relationship.

Example 2: Church C is located in the heart of the city. Church D is located in a small town in Cass County. The leaders from these two churches work out a plan whereby their members get to know about what it’s like to live in each community. An interaction is put in place where city kids and country kids have the opportunity to discover their shared hopes, desires and kinship in Christ. This could lead to each congregation praying for and working to help the other in special evangelistic events or in caring ministries.

Example 3: Four pastors from churches in the same part of the city covenant to meet together weekly for prayer and support. This leads to combined efforts to impact that part of the city with the gospel. Pooling resources, they create a shared strategy for outreach, custom designed to the unique needs of their neighborhood.

Are you ready to GO DEEP?

Fill out the form below to begin the process of forming a Go Deep Partnership with a sister church.

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