Dr. Rodney L. Hammer, Executive Director; Blue River-Kansas City Baptist Association

Expressing Gratitude

From left: Rodney & Debbie Hammer, Jennifer Hutton, and Gregg Boll

It is a joy and privilege to serve the Lord together for the last ten years! I cannot believe that much time has transpired since Debbie, Luke and I returned from serving 18 years overseas as missionaries. So much has transpired, so many blessings, so many ministries the Lord has engaged us in together and so many opportunities to encourage and be encouraged. You are a blessing to my family and I. When we moved back from overseas we had no money for a down payment on a house but you risked loaning us that money and blessed us. You have supported us so generously and allowed me much room to initiate and challenge us as the Lord led.


Business meeting during the Fall Semi-Annual on October 7, 2018

The Lord challenged us together to bite off as much of the Great Commission as He would give vision, resources and faith to pursue. When the Lord led me to suggest Vision 2020 and selling our Association headquarters, you overwhelmingly bought in to God’s vision that would stretch and challenge us. Together we formed ministry teams that developed equipping leaders resources and started such equipping ministries as Williams-Farmer Preaching Fellowship, African American Pastors Fellowship, the Church Revitalization Cohort, PlantKC, and other annual church and ministry leadership and ministry development opportunities. The Lord led us to partner with Diakonos Counseling to provide affordable, confidential counseling resources for pastors, ministers and their families. Together we have helped plant 43 new churches and increased resources to assist and revitalize established churches.

Local missional ministries were founded for gospel outreach such as People Teams ministry to immigrants, the International Welcome Center and the Multiethnic Church Planting Center. Urban core needs continue to be addressed and collegiate outreach expanded.

Dr. Hammer celebrates 10 years with BR-KC at the Fall Semi-Annual

When the Lord revealed challenging needs and opportunities among refugees in the Horn of Africa, and the opportunity to establish and support libraries, a Bible School, and church planting there, you wholeheartedly endorsed, volunteered, and invested financially. You have faithfully supported the partnership for church planting in Vancouver, Canada and the annual retreat for families there. When the Lord put on my heart that we should engage the fight against human trafficking, you stepped up and have supported the establishment and ongoing ministry of Restoration House of Greater Kansas City that continues to grow in scope and impact, and directly contributes to the rescue and restoration of sex trafficking victims.

Because of your faithful response to God’s leadership through prayer, partnership and generosity we have engaged in much gospel ministry, mutual encouragement, and Kingdom expansion over the last ten years. I consider serving with BR-KC Baptist Association one of the greatest blessings of my life. Glory to God and thank you BR-KC!

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