G.R.A.C.E. Ministry Teams

BRKC Ministry Teams Meeting

Ministry Teams exist to oversee the goals and work of the Association in each objective outlined in our Vision 2020 goals and in our Master Ministry Plan.

BRKC Ministry Teams Gospel Outreach

Gospel Outreach

Led by: Rodney Hammer

BRKC Ministry Teams Resourcing Churches

Resourcing Churches

Led by: Gregg Boll

BRKC Ministry Teams Church Planting

Church Planting

Led by: John Mark Clifton

BRKC Ministry Teams Equipping Leaders

Equipping Leaders

Led by: Jerry Tharp

Ministry Team FAQ

The teams meet once each month with the exception of the summer months June – August.
Dr. Hammer has enlisted a leader and co-leader for each team. Leaders commit for a year and can reevaluate their position each year. New leaders are selected by Dr. Hammer and the association staff in consultation with the team.
Team membership is fluid.  You can sit in on meetings periodically to give input, join for a season of time, or check out the team for a while before formally committing. Our desire is to have teams of committed, active members who participate in each meeting, but your level of involvement is strictly up to you.
You can, but be aware that all teams meet at the same time each month. You will have to juggle your attendance at each team and go to extra effort to stay current with each team.
If you are unable to remain involved, simply notify the team leader.
The Master Ministry Plan serves as the guide for all of the work of BRKC, including the Ministry Teams. Each of the five G.R.A.C.E. objectives has specific goals and action plans outlined in the Master Plan. The Ministry Teams oversee the pursuit of the goals and coordinate efforts among volunteers and churches.

The Ministry Teams determine the best way to carry out the action plan and recruit volunteers for the work. The BRKC staff is at their disposal for consultation and assistance, but the team takes primary responsibility for the fulfillment of their objective and its goals.

Each Ministry Team will also be responsible for identifying new needs and setting new goals. They will assist the BRKC staff in determining the funds needed to accomplish those things.

As new ministry needs are identified and new goals are set, each ministry team will develop a budget proposal sufficient to help them accomplish their goals. Each year they will submit a budget request to the Finance Committee of the Association specific to their team. The Finance Committee will then submit the entire Association budget to the Executive Board for recommendation to the messengers at the Annual Meeting.
No. Ministry Team members serve primarily as administrators, advisers, and overseers. The teams enlist the volunteers needed to carry out the action plans.
Each Ministry Team is made up of volunteers from the churches within our association network. Anyone who has a heart for local missions can join a team. We encourage you to enlist anyone who you think would be a valuable addition to the team.

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