We are excited to announce that BR-KC has entered into a partnership with Diakonos Counseling Services to provide confidential counseling for our pastors, staff and their families. There are times when the emotional, physical and spiritual burden of ministry can cause serious strain on pastors and their families. However, they usually never reach out for professional help to process their stress and family crises for fear of how it might impact their relationship with the church or because their financial situation doesn’t permit it.

How does our partnership with Diakonos work? If you or a family member needs professional counseling, simply call Diakonos w, tell them you are with BR-KC and schedule an appointment. You will receive one free consultation and then all subsequent counseling sessions, up to six sessions, will only cost you $22 each. Diakonos will cover a portion of the cost of each session and BRKC will cover the rest. The Association will never be informed of who we are paying for. Our hope is that this new partnership will make Christ-centered, clinical counseling accessible for you and be a game changer for your family and ministry.