Two trips were made to the Horn of Africa in 2019.

Unfortunately, a third trip was cancelled due to heavy spiritual warfare and everyone agreed the team should stay put until the Lor

d made it clear when we should return to the Tigray region. As you read this article, a team of 5 are finishing up a mission trip in Ethiopia. Please pray for Jim and Nicole Brown, Rick Bellew (The Gathering Church) Randy Messer (FBC Oak Grove), and Ed Newsome (United Believers Community).

Last January, Pastor Randy was able to teach in the Bible college as well as preach and baptize in Sherraro, a new church plant. What a fantastic time of celebrating and praising the Lord! On our current trip, Pastor Randy and Ed are again teaching in the Bible college in Shire.

Wonderful work is continuing in the region like the child sponsorship in the towns of Shire, Sherraro and Adi Hageri. Our local team in Shire is distributing food to widows that are so poor they do not even have a door to protect them where they lay their heads at night. Most do not receive any help from any of the churches. Also, the team is visiting patients in the hospital. Because the hospitals expect families and outsiders to help with patients, (for example, if they cannot eat solid foods, the nurses advise families to bring fresh juices) we provide support for those with no family.

One of the banks that we are doing business with have offered classes to some of our sponsored children’s families. It is a course on how to run their own business (for example raising and selling chickens). The interest in these business classes has been very good. They are happy to receive a hand up and not a hand-out! We are excited to see what the future has in store for these families that now have a different outlook on life.

The refugee children in camp Shimelba are learning Tae Kwon Do thanks to a company by the name of FHE (Food for the Hungry Ethiopia). They provide free lessons three to four days a week as well as soccer lessons and teams. This provides self-discipline, protection and something positive to be a part of and look forward to for the kids in the camp.

We are always praying for the Lord’s perfect will for the refugees of Eritrea as well as the local Ethiopians that work closely with each other. We are forever thankful for being a small part of this incredible ministry.