BR-KC Pastors and Lay Leaders Love on “the least of these” in Ethiopia

We bring you greetings from Shire, Ethiopia! Many of the locals are requesting that we please “tell your churches thank you for praying for us”. The needs are always great but at the top of the list, prayer. Hearts suffer all over the world but it is refreshing in a third world country to hear this.

We are so thankful that God is always in control even though His plan looks different than ours. We were denied access to the camps this trip but He gave us divine appointments with multiple families suffering with HIV. We were able to have time to listen to their needs, equip them with food and sometimes have the opportunity to pray with them.

Pastor Randy Messer from FBC Oak Grove and Ed Newsome with United Believers Community Church taught in the bible school in Shire while Pastor Francis O’Donnell of The Gathering Church taught pastoral care to the pastors from the surrounding regions.

We were introduced to 15 new sponsored children in the town of Adi Hagerary where we have a new church plant. After taking photos of the children, they received flour, oil, spices and pasta to help make it through the next 30 days until they meet again for the next portion.

Rick Bellew, also with The Gathering was a constant to make sure all the children had toys to play with that were donated from our very generous church members. Clothes and shoes were given to so many because of all the people from multiple BR-KC churches working together.  We cannot say thank you enough!

Five homeless under-age boys now have a home and food to eat. The Lord laid this need on our hearts and after much prayer, the pieces came together to employ one of the single moms of the church to cook and care for them. These boys now have multiple adult figures in their lives to watch over them and guide them.

Before sunrise on a Sunday morning Pastor Randy Messer along with 17 candidates made their way to the Tekeze River for baptism before the church service even began. Then after making the long trip to the church by van, they filed in down the aisle, singing and clapping all the way to fill up the two front rows to enjoy the service and celebrate their decision. Oh, and to know we will see them in Heaven one day!

Thank you, Lord for Your plan that is so much better than ours! It is so beautiful when we obey. Thank you to all the generous hearts that continue to pray, donate items or donate financially for the beautiful souls in Ethiopia so they may know Jesus!