Our pastor often says, “You were created on purpose and for a great purpose”.

We know this is true of every girl who enters the doors of the R|H Minors. Having a place they feel safe and loved as they study and live together will make a significant difference in them gaining the confidence and knowledge to fulfill that purpose. The beautiful, engaging education space that will benefit these wonderful girls is largely due to the generosity of Pam Henry, who prefers to humbly give to efforts she feels passionate about without being recognized. Pam, a member at Oakwood Baptist, was a lifelong music educator who spent her career enabling others to shine while she worked in the background paving the way. So it comes as no surprise that this is true of her benevolence as well. However, Pam made an exception in this case in order to honor her family.

Pam’s parents and grandparents left a legacy of service and missions. Pam’s paternal grandfather was an executive who succeeded professionally and managed money well. Pam’s maternal grandparents worked hard, lived simply, and saved. They invested well and taught Pam’s mom to continue this legacy. Two of the men were deacons in their churches, all of the women were active in the Woman’s Missionary Union.

Pam shared that all of them would be appalled and angered that a home such as this is even needed. Most of them were not even aware of the pervasive sexual exploitation of children and adults as it was not talked about while they were living. Only Pam’s mom, Joan, became aware of this tragedy and it broke her heart. Prior to her death, Joan was very supportive of the ministry of Restoration House and the Missouri Baptist Children’s Home. Joan was also a lifelong educator who invested well the money inherited from their parents. Those are some of the reasons why Pam, who also lives her faith in an authentic and missional way, was led to give generously to the education center.

Joan was nicknamed Jody by her in-laws. It is in tribute to the seed money they provided that the education center will be known as Jody’s Place.

Thank you Pam for choosing to invest in the lives of these precious children.

Information provided by RH Board Member, Becky Moyer