By Victor Thomas

The annual Vancouver Project held March 13-17, 2017, had over 100 students join us for a week helping us serve and do evangelism in Vancouver. We did outreach projects around several of The Point’s congregations (Burnaby Mtn, Evergreen, NextGen) during the day, then we came together for worship each evening to hear what God had done and to be challenged by some great guest speakers.

WOW! What a great last few weeks! Here are some stats “fruit” as highlights from The Vancouver Project: Over 800 gospel conversations; 56 people wanting to have coffee and hear more about Jesus; and 2 Salvations during that week. Praise God!

Above are a few pictures of the week. In frames 1 and 5 you can see pictures of a “speed friending” event we ran at a local international college (100% international students who are trying to get into a local university- over 2000 students at this college). On one side we lined up and on the other side international students. Every few minutes students had to move to the right and start discussing a new topic. Topic questions covered everything from favorite food, to thoughts of faith and what questions they would ask God. This resulted in fantastic conversations and new relationships! Teachers from the college heard we were running it and started to bring their classes down one at a time to “try it out” – amazing! Pray as we follow up with these students.The Vancouver Project Victor Thomas The Point Church

In frames 2, 4 and 6, you can see pictures of a tool called Soularium. It gets people to select pictures that tell about their life and views. So for example, you might ask “select a picture that represents your life right now or that represents your spiritual journey”. We use 5 basic questions. What incredible conversation starters and opportunities to share the Gospel.

Through it we met many who had NEVER heard the Gospel and a few who had NEVER heard about JESUS! What an incredible opportunity and what wonderful fruit we had and still are seeing. As I mentioned earlier over 800 conversations and 56 who want to learn more about Jesus.

Please pray that God will grow the seeds that have been planted!