I’ve been facilitating Explore God conversations with students on campus at Blue River and Longview Community Colleges. Explore God Discussion Groups are designed to create a safe environment where students can seek credible answers to challenging spiritual questions. Below are some of the questions we’ve been discussing.
•    Does my life have a purpose?
•    Does God exist?
•    Why is there evil and suffering?
•    Is the Bible reliable?
•    Is Jesus God?
In previous updates I mentioned a college student who got involved with one of these groups. Since then he’s begun attending LifeConnection nearly every Sunday. He brought his girlfriend–she’s a senior in high school. We are the first church she has ever been connected to in her life.

I’ve been meeting one to one with him for two months to read and discuss the Gospel of Mark (we’re meeting this morning to finish the book). Additionally, he’s been participating in our member classes. All of this is leading naturally to a conversation about whether or not he’s ready to entrust his life to Christ.

This past Saturday, they both came to our house because she had several questions about God and faith. She said, historically, she’s had a very negative view of religious people. She has softened toward it since she’s been a part of LifeConnection. I was able to walk her through a gospel booklet called Two Ways To Live to share Christ with her. I was also able to give her a few resources to help her continue to process her questions and doubts.

Will you pray for these students? That God would draw them to His Son Jesus?

Thanks for your time, prayers, and consideration!


This article, written by Carson Conover, was originally published in the March 2016 edition of our Missions & Ministry Newsletter.