Campus Ministry Update

Carson Conover, Blue River/Longview

Finals are done! Students are breathing a bit easier and excited for summer break. We wrapped up the semester at Blue River by serving students during finals week giving away free scantrons and invites to Challenge (our ministry on campus).

The best way to reach students is through students so I’ve also been setting up meetings in hopes of recruiting new student leaders to our core team. We’ve recently recruited two new leaders to join us for the fall semester! I’ll also be following up with local student pastors over the summer in hopes of furthering strategic relationships between their high school ministries and our ministry to college students. How incredible would it be if we could work together preparing high school students to operate like missionaries once they transition to the collegiate environment? We’d have an ever growing pool of students ready to hit the ground running!

It’s been said the fall is a time to connect with new students, the spring is a time to grow deeper with those students, and the summer is a time to plan ministry and train students. Starting Monday, the Challenge core team will be meeting weekly for two hours to pray, plan, and train for the fall semester. I’ll be providing training on the core doctrines of the Christian faith, how to study the Bible, how to manage time and be productive, how to share their faith, how to disciple others, etc. Starting in June, I’ll be meeting weekly with Longview students to provide training in evangelism and apologetics. We’ll be talking about the reliability of the Scriptures, how to make sense of suffering and evil, how to reach out to Muslims and Mormons, and how to defend the resurrection of Jesus. Please pray for a fruitful summer!

Would you consider joining my text message prayer team? Text “PrayUp” to 781728-9542. I’ll send you 2 to 4 texts a week inviting you to pray for collegiate ministry in specific ways. Thank you!