Collegiate Impact by Travis Hamm

At Avila University I have been leading a Gospel Foundation Bible Study, the first of hopefully several Bible studies on this campus. The five-lesson study serves as an introduction to the basics of Christianity. In sharing the redemptive story of the Bible, I use the 3 Circles visual tool, which I reference often throughout the lessons. One week, one student, who has been particularly engaged with the content and discussion, asked, “What does it look like to ‘Turn & Believe’?”

As a college minister, this is the question you long for students to ask. I explained Christ’s salvation for our brokenness through His life, death, and resurrection, and shared that we receive this salvation when we turn from being king of our lives and look to Him to be Savior King over every part of our lives. I also provided testimony from my own life and the lives of those around me.

No “turn & believe” decision was made in that moment, and, to my knowledge, no decision has been made since. But I believe God is ministering to this student’s heart and the hearts of the others. Last week, at the end of our 5th session, we discussed what – if anything – would be next for our group. The students quickly requested another Bible study. We will start a Gospel Living Bible Study (how the gospel impacts my everyday life) after their spring break. This will take place in an online format due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

We want our relationships with these students to grow outside the study time as well. Last Thursday evening, my wife and I welcomed some of the Avila students in our home. They loved eating a home-cooked meal, hanging out with our kids, and playing a board game with us. Afterwards they sent text messages expressing gratitude and excited anticipation to come over again.

Praise God for what He is doing! Would you join me in praying for God to continue to work in these students’ lives and on this college campus?

Collegiate Ministry by Carson Conover

The rapid spread of COVID-19 has required us all to think creatively in our ministries. Many local churches—and collegiate ministries—are transitioning worship services and small groups online. I’m doing the same as well. We have collegiate Bible studies meeting at MCC-Blue River on Mondays and Tuesdays and at MCC-Longview on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays. We plan to transition these Bible discussions online using Zoom. This way, we can continue to see God’s Word impact the lives of students. (Most of them have lots of extra free time anyway!)

In February, I was joined by 8 MCC students for the MBCollegiate Conference in Columbia, MO. We spent a weekend together experiencing practical Bible teaching, live musical worship, and break out sessions—all of which centered around the theme: Called, Sent, Go. Hundreds of students were meaningfully impacted from all over Missouri and many responded to the call to live on mission locally and/or internationally.

I’m very excited that one of the student leaders at MCC-Longview has applied as an intern through Collegiate Impact. She’ll be participating in a training process in April, raising support, and then coming alongside me to help reach MCC students and develop new student leaders.

Thanks so much for your prayers and financial support. I’m grateful!