Update: Since this message was written, Hurricane Irma is projected to hit Florida and possibly South Carolina in the coming days. Hurricane Jose may be right behind it. The information below is the same for sending aid to victims there.

Dear Partners in Mission,

I know many of you are praying, giving and wanting to help flood victims in Houston, Texas. While we have disaster relief units based in some of our churches, we partner with Missouri Baptist Convention and North American Mission Board Disaster Relief and work under their expertise and direction.

Dr. Yeats of the Missouri Baptist Convention wrote an update with the latest information on how to help. Please note this important information below and share with others.
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Dear fellow Missouri Baptists:

Thank you for the outpouring of prayers and support for the victims of Hurricane Harvey. This historic storm continues to wreak havoc throughout the Gulf Coast, having moved today into Louisiana. I want to provide you with a brief update, especially for those of you eager to volunteer your time and resources to Missouri Baptist disaster-relief efforts.

First of all, please be patient. At this point, those in a rush to travel and help on-site unintentionally may be causing more harm than good. The road conditions, among other realities, are not conducive to massive boots-on-the-ground efforts just yet. Stay in touch with our disaster relief efforts on Facebook.

Second, it’s important for you to know that, initially, we are only sending trained, certified DR volunteers. After major deployments have taken place, with the permission of Texas authorities, we may be able to send untrained volunteers. If you wish to serve with Missouri Baptist DR, please attend the Hannibal training on Sept. 8-9 so you may become certified. Register here.

To churches wishing to collect and send goods and materials: These are not yet being requested. Monetary donations to Missouri Baptist DR or to your local associational DR unit are the best options. Bottled water and Gatorade are acceptable, but those making such donations must have the means to deliver the items to either a local associational DR unit or to the DR warehouse in Jefferson City.

To give to Missouri Baptist DR efforts, click here. Or send your check to the Missouri Baptist Convention and designate it “Disaster Relief.”

We also offer a text-to-give feature, where you may donate from your smart phone or other mobile device. Just text “Give” to 573.433.8286 and follow the prompts.

You may also want to give a “Disaster Relief” designated gift through your local church. The 1,800 MBC churches serve together to transform lives and communities with the gospel through vital ministries like MBC Disaster Relief. Your church would then forward your gift, and gifts from other church members, to the MBC.

Thank you for prayers, gifts, and willingness to go as God leads. May the Lord bless you as you continue to serve Him.