LifeConnection baptized five people on Easter Sunday. Among those baptized was a college student at Blue River Community College named Dillon England.

I first met Dillon last fall when I invited him and several of his friends to participate in an Explore God discussion group. He then agreed to read the Gospel of Mark with me over a two month period. He and his girlfriend Britany have been attending our church on Sunday mornings ever since. He recently decided to put his faith in Jesus and follow Him in baptism.

Since Dillon’s baptism, we’ve been spending time together every week going through a Bible study for new believers called “Just For Starters”. He’s learning to read the Bible, memorize Scripture, and pray. Will you pray for Dillon’s ongoing growth in Christ?

I spend time on campus weekly at Longview Community College. I often converse with Muslim students. A few weeks ago, a student named Walla mentioned that she’d graduated from a private Muslim school nearby. She mentioned that her teacher once invited a Christian pastor to dialogue with her students about the Christian faith. I said that I’d love the opportunity to do the same. The next time I saw Walla, she said her teacher wanted me to come.

So, I visited the Islamic School of Greater KC! I spoke to 20 students from the 9th-10th grade class for an hour and 45 minutes. We were also joined by the principal and three teachers. I was given 30 minutes to share the Christian faith, so I shared the Gospel from creation to the cross. They were very hospitable and very engaged in conversation. Check out a response I received.

“Peace be upon you Carson! My name is Jeannine. I am a teacher at ISGKC and a graduate student at KU. I was at the school when you came to visit during the prayer and although I wasn’t in the class you spoke in, I heard many great things about the wonderful dialogue that took place! I hope you enjoyed your visit and I would love to come visit your church sometime In Shaa Allah (God willing) with Sr Maisa. I LOVE learning about different faiths, specifically finding connections between Christianity and Islam. I do a lot of interfaith work and I would love to unite our communities. Thank you for coming. You are always welcome back and I look forward to meeting your community sometime! God bless you and your family.”

Will you pray for Muslims at MCC campuses and the Islamic School of Greater KC?


This article, written by Carson Conover, was originally published in the June 2016 edition of our Missions & Ministry Newsletter.