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Russian-Speaking Fellowship Starts at Norfleet Baptist

About a year ago Norfleet Baptist Church received a call from a young mother from a nearby neighborhood... She was looking for a place that could host her youngest daughter’s first birthday party. It was going to be a grand party since the little girl was a testament to the power of prayer. There was [...]

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Reaching the Nations Without Leaving KC

Would you like to travel the world sharing Christ without leaving Kansas City? Connection Point Church, People Team KC and Refuge KC will hosting weekly trips into the neighborhoods of the KC Metro area. We will be giving, going and praying for the Nations from 10:00-2:00 for five Wednesday this summer. Please RSVP to Connection [...]

Faith In Action

By Joey Candillo, Pastor of Grace Church in Independence  Labor Day weekend is traditionally a low-attendance Sunday. This year we started a new annual Labor Day tradition. Instead of our weekly worship service, we spent Sunday morning serving the community. We met at the church at 9am and had breakfast. At 9:30am we prayed and divided up into teams [...]

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Buy Bookmarks to Help Children Buy Goats

The children of Spring Valley Baptist and their teachers have designed bookmarks that have been laminated to sell for a dollar each to make money to buy goats through World Vision to end hunger and human trafficking. We will offer a World Vision magazine to each person who buys a bookmark. TIME April 28, 10:00am [...]

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International Mission Opportunity

Pastors and staff; Here is an International Mission trip opportunity for you and your church. Kansas City Kansas Baptist Association (KCKBA) works with International Commission and with pastor Scott Mayse who coordinates these mission trip opportunities. This one is July 11-20 to Brazil. These are great evangelistic trips. Scott does all the training/planning and coordinating [...]

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Deaf Youth Camp

The Deaf are a "hidden" or "unseen" or "unnoticed"  minority. Yet they exist around you and are never     noticed unless they sign or use their voice. If they were gathered in one place they would comprise the 4th  largest nation in the world. Do you know there are 750 Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing that die daily [...]

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Help End Veteran Homelessness in Kansas City

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” ― Theodore Roosevelt Tiny houses are making a gigantic impact in the lives of homeless veterans right here in Kansas City. KMBC reported last week how "thirteen homeless veterans are now getting new leases on life" through the work of the Veteran's Community Project. Read [...]

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Mala-Who? Practicing “Pure Religion” in One of the World’s Poorest Nations

By Ray Stewart. Edited & Compiled by Britney Hamm A Rich Country Stricken by Poverty Malawi. A country few Americans could point to on a map. A country rich with diverse wildlife, indigenous culture, and breathtaking topography. Despite this richness, Malawi is among the world's least developed countries. Around 85% of the population [...]

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Multiethnic Church Planting Center Assists Internationals in Kansas City

The last few months we have been very busy at the Multiethnic Church Planting Center-Welcome Center located in Kansas City. Our work involves developing pastors and church planters and fulfilling the needs of our community. Studying Church Growth and Training Church Leaders In the past few months,we conducted a study and analysis of church growth [...]

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A Mother’s Prayers Lead to Church Plant in Mexico

By Chris Houghtaling. Published in the August 2017 Missions & Ministry Newsletter.  We showed up and God showed off during our From Missouri to Mexico trip June 26th through July 3rd. Alberto prays with a woman in the market Once upon a time, in the not-so-distant past, a mother came to Kansas City, [...]

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