Cuba – A Country in Despair

July 11, 2021 will be a day forever noted in the history of a small island country just 90 miles from the Southern tip of Florida. Cuba - so near, yet so closed off. Mysterious and often unthought of by most Americans. This day, the people, with nothing to lose but their life, made their [...]

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Grace Finds a Home

Grace Church, pastored by Joey Candillo, is one of our BR-KC churches in Independence.  Joey grew up in Independence and used to sell drugs there as a young adult.  He went to prison at age 22 and received Christ while in Booneville Correctional Center.  In 2014, God called Joey back to the community where he [...]

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Collegiate Ministry Update by Carson Conover

COVID & THE COLLEGE CAMPUS It’s been a challenging season in college ministry to say the least. I’m a Campus Missionary seeking to reach and grow students at MCC-Blue River and MCC-Longview. Because of COVID-19, both campuses have been almost entirely online since March of 2019. That means the typical approach to connecting with new [...]

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Collegiate Ministry Update by Travis Hamm

My friend from high school is dying from cancer.” A student I have been discipling this semester recently shared this with me.  It is one of several hard conversations I've had with students these last few weeks. One student I have connected with this year is dealing with mental health issues that concern his family [...]

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Because We Care Event

A member of Grace Point Baptist Church has held a burden for a local community, Ruskin Heights, for years. This district hosts many vulnerable families, and is generally a low-income, high crime rate area. In his prayer walks with a team he gathered throughout the community, he got connected to a church within the neighborhood, [...]

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Appreciation Banquet 2021

When BR-KC scheduled the 2021 Annual Appreciation Banquet last spring, we could not have imagined we would still be in the middle of a pandemic!  For a while we weren’t sure if we would be able to gather together in person, but the Lord was faithful, and the timing was right. Over 100 people gathered [...]

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Refugee Simulation Returns

Introducing: The Refugee Simulation 2021 Have you ever wondered what refugees go through when they arrive in a new country?  The uncertainty, the loss, the fear, the frustrations, the language barriers, the hopelessness?  Have you thought about how you can "walk a mile in their shoes" in an effort to become more compassionate and understanding?  [...]

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