What a great spirit was evident among nearly 200 people from Association churches gathered on October 1 in Oak Grove, Missouri. Four Oak Grove churches worked together to host this fall’s semi-annual celebration. First Baptist Church of Oak Grove hosted the supper, BBQ and chili cook-off contest. Paradise Outfitter Ministries provided a unique meeting space for the business session and mission celebration. Paradise Outfitters, Cross Creek Baptist Mission and Grace Baptist Church provided praise music and childcare. The Burmese Karen Youth Choir and a combined band from our Association’s Hispanic Church network provided special music performances. The evening included other highlights from BRKC ministries and resources.

Counseling for BR-KC Pastors

Diakonos Counseling Kansas City BRKC

Steve Pringle of Diakonos Counseling and BRKC’s Gregg Boll

A new resource for affordable, confidential counseling available to BR-KC pastors, church staff, and their family members underwritten by Director Steve Pringle and Diakonos Christian Counseling along with BR-KC Association.





BR-KC Churches Assist Oak Grove Tornado Relief

4 Oak Grove Pastors Assist Tornado Disaster Relief EFforts

From left: Brandon Smith, Ray Gurney, Gregg Boll, Rich Cummings, and Randy Messer

Randy Messer, Brandon Smith, Ray Gurney and Rich Cummings shared how their Oak Grove churches responded to the recent tornado that tore through the community in March. Stories of God’s grace during and after the sto

rm included the fact that no one was seriously injured or killed though over 400 homes and apartments were destroyed or seriously damaged. Missouri Baptist Disaster Relief volunteers came to aid the community and the churches all worked together to help with the recovery.

New Members of BR-KC

Abiding Faith Baptist Church and Mission, along with Fellowship Greenwood, were unanimously welcomed as new member churches into the Association.

Restoration House Continues to Fight Sex Trafficking

Additionally, Dr. Hammer celebrated the progress of Restoration House, one of our key partnership ministries. The long-term restoration ministry for survivors of sex trafficking stands on much stronger financial footing, thanks in large part to Steven Robinson, our Development Director, and the effective faithfulness of our Restoration House staff led by September Trible.

He also shared that Restoration House is partnering with BR-KC and the Missouri Baptist’s Children’s Home to launch a desperately-needed Home for Minors for girls rescued from sex trafficking. Please contact our office at (816)-623-5260 for more information on how you can give and help.

BRKC Moderators

Moderators BRKC meeting

From left: Brian Grout, Luis Mendoza, Jerry Tharp, and Dr. Rodney Hammer

The meeting concluded with the recognition of Jerry Tharp of Lone Jack Baptist for serving as Moderator, Luis Mendoza of Palabra Viva as incoming Moderator, and Brian Grout of Church at Three Trails as Moderator elect.

You can access the entire book of reports containing the 2018 budget, new committees, and thorough ministry reports here. We will also be releasing the ministry updates contained in this file on our blog throughout November and December. 



WMU Table at Missions Fair

Worship Celebration with over 200 BR-KC church members

Missions Fair Tables at the unique Paradise Outfitter Ministries location

Burmese Youth Choir