The Deaf are a “hidden” or “unseen” or “unnoticed”  minority. Yet they exist around you and are never     noticed unless they sign or use their voice. If they were gathered in one place they would comprise the 4th  largest nation in the world.

Do you know there are 750 Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing that die daily many of them do not know Jesus Christ as their Savior? It is for this reason why Deaf Youth Camp sponsors a camp for deaf youth from Missouri & Oklahoma ages 10 through high school. For many these campers, this is the ONLY opportunity they have all year to understand God’s Word in their own language, American Sign Language. Campers approach staff on the last day of camp with tears in their eyes pleading for us to have camp one more week. When we asked why their responses are very moving the campers state “Deaf Youth Camp is MY ‘church’. When we go home attend church with our parents we do not understand what is being said because no one uses sign language to tell us what is being said. Deaf Youth Camp understands who we are and accepts us.” We have the privilege of having camp this year at Baptist Ridge in Warsaw, MO. The dates for camp are June 3—8, 2018. Even though Deaf Youth Camp is under the umbrella of the Missouri Baptist Convention we do not receive financial support. The registration fee for the campers is one-fifth of our cost even at that parents are unable to afford to send their child to camp.

This is an excellent opportunity for a mission project for a Sunday School Class, or a missions committee from your church. We need YOUR help to support this unique ministry. For more information contact Vivian Crowley by email: [email protected].