The last few months we have been very busy at the Multiethnic Church Planting Center-Welcome Center located in Kansas City. Our work involves developing pastors and church planters and fulfilling the needs of our community.

Studying Church Growth and Training Church Leaders

Hispanic church growth training Multiethnic Church Planting Center Kansas CItyIn the past few months,we conducted a study and analysis of church growth from four different perspectives: spiritually, numerically, in multiplication, and influence in the world. We invited local and regional pastors to participate in a training dealing with a prevalent issues in many churches: the lack of growth. The pastors were candid when studying and analyzing the lack of church growth among Hispanic churches. With their help we determined one component is primary, and when it is in place, the others will follow:  spiritual growth. If Hispanic Churches can establish a system that will help them grow spiritually, they will see growth in other areas. We are now working on a practical growth plan that churches can utilize to grow in those ways.

Assessing Multi-ethnic Church Planters in Kansas City

Multiethnic Church Planting Center Kansas City Assessment Last August, with the assistance of Ken McCune, Missouri Baptist Convention, Pastor Pedro Achucarro Iglesia Pan de Vida of Grandview we assessed two Hispanic church planting candidates. The two candidates, Alberto Cerecedo and Lucas Diego have been actively involved in their churches, performing activities directly connected to the process of planting new churches.  Through this assessment, we helped them discover and affirm their God-given abilities and calling to plant churches among Hispanics residing in Kansas City.Multiethnic Church Planting Center Kansas City Assessment

 In the coming months, Alberto and Lucas will be putting together church planting teams, with the objective of planting two new Hispanic churches in the Kansas City area.  The Multiethnic Church Planting Center, along with some other local churches, has the commitment to assist them in this process every step of the way.  It is encouraging to see that the Center is being used by God to discover, coaching, mentoring and developing these new church planters.  We love to work with these young men from the very beginning of their Christian walk and being part of their growth and development.  


Assisting Immigrants Legally and with ESL

There will always be new people coming to the United States.  When they come, they have to resolve their immigration issues.  With the assistance of a local attorney and friend, Bill Niffen, we have been able to assist people with their immigration needs.Multiethnic Church planting center Kansas City ESL Classes

Another area in which immigrants residing in Kansas City always need help, is improving their abilities to speak and write English. With the assistance of a team from First Baptist Church, Blue Springs, we have been able to offer weekly English classes to the international community residing in NE Kansas City and beyond.  We just started a new semester.  

Connecting with Internationals at the Multiethnic Church Planting Center

In the last few months, we have been meeting new friends from different countries.  We have opened our facilities for them to utilize on a regular basis.  Some of them like sewing, others knitting, but all of them like tea! We enjoy having them in the building and sharing the love of Christ with them through practical actions.  In addition, we have begun the process of developing a partnership with a local school located in our community.  We want to develop a close relationship with them, and show them we care, through random acts of kindness and offer our assistance with some specific needs they might have.  We believe many churches can help us to fulfill this goal.  


For more information on Palabra Viva and the Multiethnic Church Planting Center, contact Luis Mendoza.