The Bajuni Islands and the Barawa region are located in South-East Somalia.  Their people speak their own dialect of the Somali language.  Their culture has Arab influence and was colonized by the Italians.  They tend to be more welcoming to outsiders and more laid back.  One might call them the “Hawaiians of Somalia.”  Nevertheless, they hold strictly to their Muslim faith and welcome others in dialogs about it.

Kansas City has about 800 Barawa people and about ten families from Bajun island.  Their communities intermix in Kansas City, and both are connected to the larger Somali community despite being slightly different from pure Somali culture.  There are no known believers among this people group in Kansas City despite the efforts of some believers to engage them.  These islands are extremely dangerous for missionaries to reach because of piracy and religious extremism, but we can reach the people right here.

Kansas City hosts about twenty individuals from the island of Zanzibar, a Muslim island nation off the Eastern coast of Africa.

Paul prayed Romans 10:1 for his own people.

“My heart’s desire and prayer for them is that they may be saved” (ESV)


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