Kansas City has an estimated 400 Sikh Families living mostly in South Kansas City and Shawneee. 95% come from Punjab. They began settling in Kansas City in the 1960s and began worshiping together with five families. In 1989, the Gurdwara Sahib Kansas City (Sikh House of Worship) was built at 6834 Pflumm Road in Shawnee where they continue to worship. There is a new Sikh temple moving into downtown Olathe.

Sikhism as a religion began in the 15th century by Guru Nanak and has continued through ten Gurus. It blends Islam with Hinduism. Like Islam, it is strictly monotheistic and rejects the caste system in favor of human equality. With 30 million adherents, it is the 5th largest organized religion of the world. The men are easily recognized by wearing turbans. Many of the Indian restaurants in KC are owned by Sikhs. The religion emphasizes music because Guru Nanak first preached his sermons through hymns, accompanied by the Rabab (lute). In KC, Sikhs integrate easily with the Hindu community.

One KC church previously brought the Gospel to the Sikhs, but there is currently no known ministry among them. Pray in the Spirit for the Father to send out laborers to join Him in what He is already doing among the Sikhs.

Pray for a family who is ministry to their housekeep who follows the Sikh religion. Also pray for Inder Pal Achdera, a Sikh business owner in Overland Park.


*This article was originally published in the November issue of our Missions & Ministry newsletter.