How does your church welcome a guest or first-time visitor?

According to a study done by LifeWay, the majority of churches look for multiple ways to connect with visitors which can sometimes be challenging. Some visitors want to remain anonymous while others are happy to leave a record of their visit. In recent years, a popular way of connecting with guests is to give a gift such as a coffee mug or book.

However, LifeConnection Church in Independence found a different way to not only connect with their guests, but help a local ministry at the same time.

Community and Campus Pastor, Carson Conover, shared their plan:

“Every Sunday, we assume that there will be guests joining us for corporate worship. We want to do everything we can to help our guests feel like family during their time with us. We want to greet them, direct them, treat them, and seat them so they can encounter the gracious welcome of Christ in the gospel. When the service begins, we address our guests. We thank them for coming and we express our desire to help them take their best next step. To that end, guests are encouraged to fill out a communication card so we can be intentional in following up with them through the LifeConnection congregationweek. Recently, we’ve begun incentivizing this step for our guests so that we can both connect with more guests and better live out our value of generosity. For every first and second time guest who fills out a physical or digital communication card, we donate $5 on their behalf to the Restoration House of Greater Kansas City. In the month of April, we were able to give $145. It’s a small, but meaningful investment. And guests have appreciated helping to support such a great cause.”

Thank you LifeConnection Church for finding a creative way to invest in the lives of the girls and women that are served through Restoration House of Greater Kansas City. When BR-KC churches partner with R|H, lives are impacted!