It’s always amazing to watch the Lord work.

The Credentials Committee had that privilege recently when they met to interview two churches desiring membership into the Association. We watched the Lord bring people together that ordinarily would never have met.

Pastor Anthony Mondaine from Restoration Life Church met with the committee and brought his wife, daughter and other church members to the meeting. As we were listening to Anthony’s spiritual pilgrimage, he mentioned that his wife Lee-Ann was from South Africa and that they journeyed there once each year to do a mission trip and to see some of his wife’s family. Hold that thought.

Most of you know pastor Athol Barnes from Grace Point Baptist Church. What you may not know is that Athol is a native South African. You may also not know that they speak a very particular language there. Athol had been silent but spoke up and addressed Lee-Ann with, “Hoe gaan dit” which in her native tongue was a cordial greeting meaning “how are things going?” Lee-Ann who had been sitting quietly was obviously moved to joy by the greeting, hearing someone speaking her native language in Kansas City. Athol then shared that he was from Port Elizabeth South Africa but he commuted to work in Utienhage, the town where Anthony and Lee-Ann visit each year to visit family and do mission work. Lee-Ann had been feeling very lonely in the states and had connected with only a few South Africans. Athol shared that he knew several South Africans in the KC area and would gladly introduce her to them.

I don’t think there was a dry eye in the room at this point and we realized that God had a lot more than interviewing a church in mind for our Credentials Committee meeting. We all realized that we had experienced a divine appointment.

Pastor Josh Martin from Faith Baptist Church of Lee’s Summit was also interviewed by the Credentials Committee. Faith will be featured in a future Church Spotlight.