I’ve been very encouraged this semester by how the Lord is at work in the lives of college students.

Since the semester began, I’ve been able to connect with dozens of students. The most encouraging connection has been with 7 students from Blue River Community College.

I met most of these students at the beginning of the semester doing some simple student surveys, gauging their interest in spiritual things. From that initial interaction I’ve been able to facilitate two new discussion groups on campus meeting bi-weekly. They’re called Explore God Discussion Groups. Most of these students involved are not Christians, but are willing to discuss the big questions of life—they’re even willing to read and discuss a portion of Scripture each time we meet. We’ve already discussed these questions:

Does my life have a purpose? Is There a God? Why is There Pain and Suffering?         Is the Bible Reliable?

Next, we’ll discuss the question, “Is Jesus Really God?”

After our first discussion, I invited all the guys to join our church’s “Man Day” to play paintball on a Saturday afternoon followed by a cookout with 30 other men from LifeConnection. Four guys joined us and had a great time. One of those guys joined us for the first time the following morning for our Sunday worship and has been coming regularly since, even bringing his girlfriend.

Our last on campus discussion was on the topic “Is the Bible Reliable?” One student who describes himself as spiritual, but admittedly has never read the Bible, asked many questions. This gave me the opportunity to explain much of the core content of the gospel message with him. I’m planning to follow up with the student to invite him to start reading the Bible with me one-on-one.

Please continue to pray for God to draw these students to faith in His Son Jesus.


Article by Carson Conover. This article was originally published in the December 2015 edition of our Missions & Ministry Newsletter.