Several BR-KC churches and members have on-going mission work around the globe. This is truly our Mission Statement in action…”We envision a network of healthy Baptist churches partnering together to transform lives and communities through the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ at home, in North America, and around the world”. This month, we are focusing on Africa. Read our previous posts on Kenya and Togo


Nicole Brown from Noland Road Baptist

Another trip has been made to the Horn of Africa and while many wonderful things are happening, our hearts remain with those still suffering in the refugee camps. Not knowing what their futures may hold we rest in the hands of the Lord and trust him. We hear many stories of families desperately trying to make it out and get to another country. This week someone we know personally called me to say they made it to California. Happy but scared, they had many questions about what happens next. After our conversation I couldn’t help but feel so overwhelmed for them… a new country, new food, different culture, no familiar landscapes or voices. What a sacrifice for a better life but oh how thankful they were to God for seeing them through.

While in Shire, Ethiopia we were able to deliver shoes and clothing to over 420 refugees, leave 432 pairs of glasses to be distributed, sheets for the beds in the refugee clinics, stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs, numerous soccer balls and basketballs. Money was also given to support Christian deacons who are secretly

Sports Equipment Mai Aini

New Sports Equipment at Mai Aini Camp

teaching in the Orthodox organizations that are winning people over to the Lord! Bible college classes are continuing to grow in the town of Shire and the students are coming from all over to attend! There are now six church plants that continue to grow like crazy. People are on fire for the Lord even in the midst of huge trials and hardships in their lives. It is so encouraging! Thank you for your continuing support. God has taken it and multiplied it immensely!

Please continue to pray for the Eritrean refugees as well as the Ethiopian brothers and sisters. They need encouragement and love just like we do. We have so much in common, we are just in different parts of the world and our needs look a little different sometimes.