This fall, instead of our Fall Festival, in partnership between these two ministries (Eleos and Refuge KC), we would like to bless our neighborhood families with Thanksgiving Gift Baskets.  The basket would contain a turkey or chicken (for certain immigrant families) and then appropriate fixin’s for the two kinds of baskets.  The Turkey baskets would have the traditional elements like potatoes, stuffing and cranberry sauce. The Chicken baskets will have items like rice and vegetables. (We will give a specific suggested list of basket items.)

Is this something that you think you would be willing to promote at your church and make a primary outreach ministry in November?  It would mean having individuals/small groups at your church contact us and sign up for a basket(s) that they would purchase and assemble on their own.  We would in turn send them the addresses of the family that signed up at Eleos Coffee House in Northeast KCMO and your families would deliver the baskets to the homes on Tuesday night, November 22nd at 7pm.  Obviously we would hope that a relationship would ignite between your church family/small group and our neighborhood family where future on-going gospel interactions and conversations could take place.

Would you be willing to partner with us on this?  Contact Rich Casebolt at 913-691-8356 or[email protected] for more information.  Thanks for considering!