Since 2011, BR-KC has partnered with an NGO and local Ethiopian churches to train up church leaders, empower refugees, and bring hope of a better life to Eritreans and Ethiopians in Northern Ethiopia. BR-KC takes two trips each year in January and July. If you are interested in learning more about why we partner with Ethiopia and what is happening there, read more here.

In our March edition of the Missions & Ministry newsletter, we published an abridged update from two members of the January team. These two, Pastor Randy Messer of FBC Oak Grove and Nicole Brown of Noland Road Baptist, have become staples of the ministry in Ethiopia with their regular participation on these trips. Here is the full update, with Pastor Randy Messer up first!

Swimming in Rivers & Leading People to Christ

by Randy Messer, Lead Pastor FBC Oak Grove

BR-KC Horn of AFrica Partnership January 2018Our trip to Ethiopia in January was fruitful – and adventurous! If it should come out that I swam in the river, it is true! I am still living to tell about it.  I am quite certain that God’s Angels took care of me, but we had a blast.

Smooth travels allowed us to begin working immediately. We taught two classes each day, a church planting course and a course on 1 & 2 Peter. We had 38 new students I had not taught before who seemed eager to learn – so eager that they arrived thirty minutes before class every day to conduct a prayer service! At 63 years old, I have never seen such hunger to learn as I saw in them.

Little Ethiopian Boy BR-KC Horn of Africa

Since starting this ministry 4 years ago, these church planters have started at least 9 churches (that I know of), some out in the open and some underground church plants. Pastor Temescan has great vision for the entire area, and God is working in a mighty way!

My highlight of the trip was preaching at one of the church plants on Sunday. We think they are at the ends of the earth, but they see themselves at the heart of God’s Kingdom being built.


[bctt tweet=”We think they are at the ends of the earth, but they see themselves at the heart of God’s Kingdom being built.” username=”BRKC_Baptist”]

I also spent one day in a clothing distribution center facilitated by a social worker in Ethiopia.  By the end of the day, she committed her heart to Jesus.  My prayer is that a church plant will develop in her community of which they have no evangelical work.

BR-KC Horn of Africa Partnership January 2018

While we were there, we shared in some coffee shop street evangelism alongside a modern-day martyr for Christ. One night I led a healing and wholeness prayer meeting that went well into the night. One of those who came to Christ during our street evangelism efforts went to the prayer service and was presented to the church.  Another who came to Christ asked to be delivered from alcohol.

BR-KC, you can be proud. To have a little part in this mission is humbling and rewarding.


Serving Children and Welcoming a New Sister in Christ

by Nicole Brown, Noland Road Baptist

What a pleasure to serve almost 600 unaccompanied minor refugee children in Camp Hitsats even though we were BR-KC Horn of Africa January 2018expecting 200! When the unexpected happens, God always shows His mighty hand. Even after multiple trips it still amazes me when there is big miscommunication and things like this happen, I forget to breathe and then God provides and reminds us that He is always in control! Thank you Lord for the beautiful ways you show yourself and multiply the gifts we bring to bless more than we can even imagine!

Last October 50 orphan children in Ethiopia received school supplies and clothes because of generous donors right here at home. Once again, you poured forth generosity and we were able to give bags of flour, oil and pasta. The children were thrilled to receive such gifts. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

BR-KC Horn of Africa Partnership January 2018Happiness filled the van as we commuted back from a day of serving local Ethiopian people at the river for the second time, we were with our sweet friend Rigbe (a social worker) who always has a big smile on her face while she serves adults as well as orphans. But this day, her smile grew even bigger as Pastor Randy Messer led her to the Lord right there in the van while we listened through interpreters! What a joyous occasion! Can you imagine the ripple effect she will have not only on the 50 orphan children she oversees but the countless others in her path?  Let this be a reminder to each of us to be a bright light wherever we are. We never know what person God has put in our path and what those seeds may produce!