We can return for a planned visit with the following action items:

  1. Through Ethiopian contacts, we can purchase clothing and school supplies, and time our visit with their arrival.
  2. We can purchase soccer balls and other recreational items and demonstrate an organized recreation plan, perhaps enlisting the help of older Eritreans to organize and run.
  3. We can purchase meat items or other sources of protein and distribute.
  4. There is a need for a computer lab, but research as to electricity, etc. needs to be done.
  5. Books are needed, preferably books for trades, and for scholastic needs, but sourcing and language needs to be researched.
  6. Any trip participants should plan on having tools to share the gospel with children and young people. Evangecube is an excellent tool. Perhaps gospel story telling with puppets or drama could be done.
  7. Contact should be made with the Evangelical Camp Pastor to hold or participate in services.
  8. We should petition our Congressmen and the State Department to green light more Eritrean refugees from these camps. (Only 10,000 from Shimelba since 2006, and only 6,500 of that number have been approved).
  9. We should also pursue work at the other camps near Shire.

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