% Non-Christian Overseas: 16.2%

Believers in KC: Few

Evangelical Witness: Some

Population in KC: 500

Access Overseas: Easy

Over 500 Polynesians live in Independence, Missouri. French Polynesia and America Samoa sit amidst many islands Northeast of New Zealand and directly Wet of South America.

Despite Evangelical missionaries from London landing there as early as 1830, many have been converted to the RLDS branch of Mormonism (now called “Community of Christ”) back in French Polynesia. Mormon missionaries have been going there for generations, and there are currently whole islands that follow this religion. Those who have converted to Mormonism believe that Jesus will return to Independence, Missouri, so it is understandable why so many left the islands to settle in Independence.

As an island people, they are very laid back and they are famous in Kansas City for their dancing performers in two different dancing groups: Shake Polynesia and Treasures of Polynesia.

There are also a dozen families in KC from Micronesia. This nation is 95% Christian or Catholic back home on their islands, and the Micronesians in KC worship together in the Northland integrated with other ethnicities. Pray that they will preserve the true Gospel and not only keep a cultural Christianity but grow in vibrant faith in the Lord.