Changes Coming to BR-KC This Fall

Associate Director, Gregg Boll, recently explained some changes that BR-KC will make to further encourage and equip our pastors. Through conversations with our churches and pastors and because of recent opportunities which have presented themselves, BR-KC will be reshaping our ministry to churches and pastors this fall. In the past we have offered a quarterly [...]

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Property Tax Seminar Helps BR-KC Churches

On February 26th, 50 pastors and lay leaders came together at Connection Point Church in Raytown because they had one thing in common. They were all concerned about property taxes! Over the past few years, Jackson County has begun to change its exemption process, resulting in some of our churches being caught unaware. As a [...]

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Free Domestic Abuse Seminar and Training

To My Fellow Pastors, I’m writing to invite you and your ministerial staff to join me for a free seminar luncheon on Tuesday, January 15, here at Emmanuel Baptist Church. The title of the seminar is Domestic Abuse: What Every Church Leader Should Know. The presenter, Mary Avis Pendleton, MDiv, MAC. Mary is a Licensed [...]

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BRKC Offers Support and Partnership With Open Hands

By Gregg Boll, Associate Director of Missions ([email protected]) Fulfilling Kingdom Ministry It has been an honor to serve alongside Dr. Hammer and the other BR-KC staff for five of the ten years we are celebrating at our Fall Semi-Annual Meeting. I never could have imagined when I left a pastorate in 2012 how meaningful and [...]

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RightNow Media Pilot Program

by Gregg Boll I’m excited to share information on a brand new pilot program.  BR-KC is going to sponsor 5 churches for a year in RightNow Media which will provide access to an extensive, new video library.  RightNow Media has been called the "Netflix of Video Bible Studies" and has a HUGE library of faith-based videos that [...]

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Calling All Bi-Vo Pastors!

To all bi-vocational pastors: Could you take a few moments and use the link below to take a survey designed for bi-vocational pastors.  Wayne Geiger, pastor of First Baptist Church of Grain Valley is doing his doctoral dissertation on helping bivocational pastors be more effective in communicating the gospel.  You will help him satisfy the [...]

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Protecting Your Ministry

Protecting Your Ministry Manual In the culture, in the courts, even in casual conversation, it is increasingly obvious that we have lost sight of over 200 years of social and legal tradition that has secured our fundamental freedoms – namely, freedom of speech and religion. A new concept – that “sexual liberty” trumps religious freedom [...]

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